Thursday, May 26, 2016


So I was cleaning out my e-mail and found a VERY old response to a long ago post.  It made me think about the fact that I haven't written a word here in a very long time.  I think perhaps it is time to change that!

There are many new changes in my life and, let's face it, many new changes in technology that makes this blog a bit obsolete.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.!  I really can't keep up with all of it and long for the simpler days of e-mail and blogging.  That was pretty much it in the early 2000's, wasn't it?  I honestly can't recall.

So a brief update.  I'm still at 5 dogs, but I lost Zoe in April of 2012 and it broke my heart.  I continued to find dogs and rehome and ultimately have those already mentioned: Stella, Buster, Bingley, and Jake as well as my "newest" furry child, Baby.  She's a Shepherd/Husky mix, I think.  I'm also at three cats.  Was I at three cats before?  I'm not sure.  So here is Peaches.  She adopted me - like all the rest.
I managed to earn tenure and get promoted to Associate Professor so there's that.  I tell you, what an insane process that is.  It's basically reapplying for your job every year, and each year it's harder to get it.  Lots of jumping through hoops of fire.  NOT FUN.  It's damn hard.

My department has had its share of ups and downs over the years (that can wait for another post, maybe), but things are looking up.  And I am currently serving as Interim Artistic Director for Tent Theatre, our summer AEA theatre.  I love the job and hope to get the permanent position, but time will tell.  It is my first summer and the season just got under way, so I'll keep you posted.  For now, it appears all is going well.  I have to give my first presentation as a favor to a major donor next week.  I'm very nervous!  Tomorrow will be spent prepping for that experience.

I am still single, which remains the biggest challenge for me here - my lack of social life.  More on THAT saga later.

I started running again after a year away just this week.  Last year I tripped while running and foolishly caught myself with my hands (I know better than that), and subsequently fractured the radial head in my right elbow.  As it's an injury that cannot be cast, I was in a sling for much of the summer and it threw my schedule off completely.  I never got back to running or hot yoga (which I had been doing somewhat faithfully up until then).  So two of my students have volunteered to run with me and Baby in the mornings in hopes of running a race in the fall and getting into a really good routine.  Once I find the race, I'll publish it so I can be accountable to you and me.  That's assuming I get anybody to ever read this blog again.  I'm not even sure if my limited previous followers will even get a message I've posted again!  That's okay.  This is really for me, right?

Okay.  It's a little after 5:00 so I'm heading home.  I'm excited to get back to blogging.  I will once again be regaling you (or boring you) with stories of life in the theatre, life in animal rescue, and life as a single professional woman somewhat stuck in the Midwest.  No apologies.  Just my ramblings and optimistic spirit!

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